Lindsey Hinkle

The story behind it all:

Introducing Lindsey Hinkle, a remarkable entrepreneur with a passion for creating exquisite transformations in homes, offices, and businesses. With a deep understanding of the refined tastes and discerning preferences of distinguished clientele, Lindsey's Resolute Painting stands out as the perfect choice for bringing elegance and beauty to your cherished spaces.

Lindsey's journey has been one of resilience and determination. Growing up in South Bend, Indiana, alongside her three siblings, she learned the value of hard work from a young age. Balancing multiple jobs since her early teens, Lindsey yearned for something more, something that would ignite her artistic spirit. After relocating to Florida and embracing motherhood, she pursued a career as a Medical Assistant, devoting four years to the field. However, the onset of the pandemic served as a turning point, leading Lindsey to realize that her true calling lay elsewhere.

Her artistic flair, which had always been a part of her, beckoned her to explore a career path that would allow her to express her creativity while raising her beloved children. Thus, in 2021, Lindsey fearlessly embarked on her journey as the founder of Resolute Painting. With unwavering determination, she has finally discovered her true passion, offering a unique blend of artistic vision and exceptional craftsmanship.

Resolute Painting derives its name from Lindsey's willful spirit. Driven by her unwavering resolve, she thrives on overcoming challenges and leaving no stone unturned in achieving perfection. As a woman-owned company, Lindsey understands the importance of catering to the desires and preferences of her distinguished clientele. With meticulous attention to detail, she ensures that every project reflects her clients' refined tastes, providing them with an unparalleled experience.

Lindsey's commitment to her customers is unwavering. She believes that outstanding communication, effortless processes, and, above all, breathtaking transformations are the pillars of Resolute Painting. Witnessing the sheer joy on her clients' faces when they see their spaces transformed into captivating works of art is what fuels Lindsey's passion.

When you choose Resolute Painting, you're not just hiring a painting company, but rather an artist who will carefully craft an ambiance that embodies your distinctive style and reflects your refined sensibilities. Trust Lindsey Hinkle to make your vision come to life, creating an environment that exudes elegance and sophistication, tailored exclusively for you. Experience the exceptional and let Resolute Painting leave an indelible mark on your cherished spaces


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